Parking Euresva

Project Manager: Betlinski Contractor: MONRABAL Year: 2021
DNA Avantled

Custom Product

Customized design according to project requirements.

Modular Sets

  • Design and manufacture of adapted solutions.
  • Design and manufacture of continuous structures.
  • Pre-wired kits ready for installation.
We materialize your ideas, working with you on the project from start to finish and always tailored to your needs.    

Manufacturing AvantLED

Production carried out in the FabLAB AvantLED.


Modules with emergency kit designed to be easily installed between luminaire profiles. Easy to install pre-built kits.

Assembly Instructions

Guias paso a paso de instalación personalizadas. y adaptadas a cada proyecto.
  • Etiquetaje indiviadual de cada componente del conjunto para una rapida identificación.
  • Instrucciones paso a pasa del proceso de montaje de cada luminaria y conjunto.

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